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This page is a list of facts about Ally Brooke.

  • She is 22 years old.
  • She is the oldest member of Fifth Harmony.
  • She loves Jesus.
  • Ally loves to say Y'all. 
  • She is the shortest member of the group.
  • She weighed one pound when she was born.
  • She is Mexican-American.
  • She has a puppy named Zoey. 
  • According to a tweet, she loves dessert.
  • Ally loves the 80's.
  • She is a big fan of Ed Sheeran.
  • Simon Cowell has a nickname for Ally: Rudolph.
  • Ally has always enjoyed the art of music.
  • When she was little, she used to sing in the backseat of her car.
  • She listens to oldies music, pop music, Christian music and more.
  • She has a cousin named Mikey who loves country music.
  • Her favorite Adele song is Daydreamer.
  • She loves Mexican Food.
  • She's very close to her family.
  • She loves Beyoncé.
  • Her favorite color is neon pink.
  • Her favorite fruit are either bananas or pineapples.
  • She loves Little Mix.
  • Her favorites TV shows are Beverly Hills 90210, Saved by the Bell and Friends.
  • She loves to hangout with her friends.
  • The first thing she does when she wakes up is eat a big giant breakfast.
  • She prefers English over Math.
  • Her favorite song is Kiss Me by Ed Sheeran.
  • She likes Big Time Rush.
  • She likes pizza with thin crust pepperoni and mushrooms.
  • Her favorite bible verse is Matthew 5:16.
  • She likes Cher Lloyd.
  • She would like to eat Brazilian food.
  • She would like to do a collaboration with Adele.
  • She loves pandas.
  • She has two cats and a dog.
  • She likes Selena Quintanilla
  • She likes Nutella.
  • Her favorite movie is Titanic.
  • She likes Jessie J.
  • She likes the Jonas Brothers.
  • Her favorite song by Demi Lovato is Give Your Heart A Break.
  • Her favorite restaurant is a Mexican one in San Antonio, Texas.
  • Her favorite song by Kelly Clarkson is Dark Side.
  • She loves all One Direction members.
  • Her favorite performance on The X Factor was Anything Could Happen.
  • She loves to bake cookies and pies.
  • When she's bored she likes to listen to music.
  • Her favorite song by One Direction is Little Things.
  • Her favorite Britney Spears's song is Everytime.
  • When she was born, she was in the hospital for two months and her parents couldn't touch her for one month.
  • She loves white flowers.
  • She supports Stockport County Football Club, her favourite player is Jordan Fagbola. 
  • Her favorite dessert is carrot cake.
  • Her favorite song by Justin Bieber is Mistletoe.
  • She is 5 feet tall.
  • Her weight is 95 lbs.
  • Her shoe size is 6.
  • She's Mezzosoprano.
  • She always prays before performing.
  • She loves neon colors.
  • She thinks that dates don't have to be fancy.
  • She tries not to fart in front of her crush.
  • She likes the movie The Lizzie McGuire Movie.
  • She just got her driver's license.
  • She loves Waffle House.
  • She got scared by Shawn Mendes.
  • She is ticklish on her belly.

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