Camila Cabello has mentioned or been seen with various family members and relatives.

Alejandro CabelloEdit

Alejandro Cabello is Mexican, Sinuhe's husband and Camila & Sofia's dad.



Sinuhe CabelloEdit

Sinuhe Cabello (born: Sinuhe Estrabao) is Cuban, Alejandro's wife and Camila & Sofia's mom.



Sofia CabelloEdit

Sofia Cabello
Tumblr mfxxs7t3Ut1qd3qpto1 500
Background information
Full name Sofia Isabella Cabello
Hometown Miami, Florida
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Sofia Isabella Cabello is Camila's little sister. Her birthday is on April 2, 2007.


Mercedes CabelloEdit

Mercedes Cabello is Camila & Sofia's grandma. She's either Sinuhe or Alejandro's mom.

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