The Hansen Family are the relatives of Dinah Jane.

Milika HansenEdit

Milika Hansen (born: Milika Amasio) is Dinah's mom.

Gordon Hansen Gordon Hansen is the father of Dinah Jane Hansen.

Regina HansenEdit

Regina Hansen is Dinah's little sister. They seem to be so close to each other.

Seth HansenEdit

Seth Hansen is Dinah's baby brother. His birthday is on December 12.

Amoni AmasioEdit

Amoni Amasio is Dinah's maternal grandpa.Edit

Lani HansenEdit

Lani Hansen is Dinah's great-aunt.

Sarah HansenEdit

Sarah Hansen is one of Dinah's cousins.

Semisi HansenEdit

Semisi Hansen is one of Dinah's cousins.

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