Administrators are editors who are trusted with access to certain restricted technical features on the Fifth Harmony Wiki

To report a problem, message one of the admins.
150px-5907903.png.jpg LovaticHarmonizer
Cece is an Bureaucrat on the Fifth Harmony Wiki. She also is the main/head admin on the Wiki.
150px-1573196.png FabCassandra
Cassie is an admin on the Fifth Harmony Wiki. She's also admin at Pretty Little Liars Wiki and at the H2O Just Add Water Wiki .
150px-3258408.png RansomTime
Kristie is admin in this Wiki but also she as an admin at the X Factor Wiki, The X Factor USA Wiki and The X Factor (North America) Wiki.
150px-24543700.png.jpg Daily5thHarmony
Lizzy is an admin on the Fifth Harmony Wiki

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