This is a list of facts about Lauren Jauregui.

  • Lauren is allergic to many things from Bath & Body Works.
  • She is 21 years old.
  • She still wants to go to college.
  • She can draw.
  • She loves Arroz con Leche.
  • Her favorite spanish words are lagrimas, arco iris, and mi amor.
  • She loves to wear beanies.
  • She loves Nutella.
  • She doesn't like chocolate.
  • She's Cuban-American.
  • Her girl crush from The X Factor was Cece Frey and her boy crush was Vino Allan.
  • She plays Softball.
  • She is the only one in the group that calls Camila “Camz”. The other girls call her “Mila”.
  • If she could date any member of One Direction, she would date Zayn.
  • Lauren’s phone is always on silent because she hates when it rings or vibrates.
  • When she was 10, she went to a Hannah Montana concert.
  • Her favorite dessert is rice pudding and cold stone
  • She is 5'4.
  • She would like to collaborate with David Guetta.
  • In Let It Be, she almost tripped going down the stairs.
  • She hates it when doors are opened.
  • She's extremely ticklish on her feet.
  • She is also ticklish on her belly.
  • If Lauren could go back in time, she would go to Ancient Greece.
  • If Lauren could go on tour with anyone it would be Lana Del Rey.
  • Lauren's favorite Pretty Little Liars character is Aria and her favorite ship is Ezria.
  • Lauren had her first kiss at age 13.
  • She always wears a ring that her grandmother gave her when she's on stage.
  • Her favorite actors are Johnny Depp and Aaron Johnson.
  • Lauren's biggest fear is of heights.
  • Lauren's shoe size is 8.
  • Her favorite animal is the tiger.
  • Her favorite Disney princess is Mulan
  • The sarcastic, silly and strange phrases make her laugh.
  • She likes Eminem.
  • If she wasn't a singer, she would like to be a doctor, writer, or a lawyer.
  • She likes the band "Mumford And Sons."
  • She has a dog named "Dash."
  • She hates chihuahuas.
  • Her weight is 115 lbs.
  • She's Alto.
  • She went to a prom with her ex-boyfriend, Luis Santos.
  • Her first word was "NENE" [1]
  • It was her idea to sing Anything Could Happen.
  • She can play the piano. [2]
  • She is fierce.
  • She prefers flowers to chocolate on Valentine's Day.
  • She thinks it's cute when boys cry.
  • She doesn't like having stuff around her neck, it makes her anxious.
  • She is a coin collector. 
  • Her favorite PopTart flavor is s'mores.
  • Her favorite characters from the show "Friends" are Chandler and Pheobe.
  • Her favorite cartoon shows are Adventure Time, American Dad, and Family Guy.
  • She cried when she first heard the "We should all be feminists" speech in Beyoncé's song "Flawless."
  • She hates socks.
  • She likes to listen to 'Nothing' by The Script when she's sad.
  • She loves the bands The 1975 and The Script.
  • She has a tattoo of a dragonfly on the back of her neck and a tattoo of 27 in Roman Numerals.
  • She also has a nose piercing.
  • Lauren likes Converse better than Vans.
  • Lauren came out as a bisexual in 2016.



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