This page is a list of facts about Normani Kordei

  • She was a gymnast for 8 years.
  • She stared dancing when she was 4.
  • She's 21.
  • She's really fierce.
  • She can dance and act.
  • She's African-American-Indian-French.
  • According to a tweet, she knows how to make French fries.
  • Her X-Factor girl crush is Paige Thomas, while her boy crush was Vino Alan.
  • She was born in Atlanta, Georgia.
  • Her mother’s name is Andrea.
  • Her favorite color is pink.
  • If she could, she would date everyone of the One Direction members.
  • She auditioned for The X-Factor with Chain Of Fools by Aretha Franklin.
  • She lives in Houston, Texas.
  • In the first round of Bootcamp on The X-Factor, she sang If I Ain't Got You by Alicia Keys.
  • She liked Hannah Montana when she was little.
  • She prefers Bacon more than eggs.
  • If she could have her own country it would be called Harmonizoria.
  • When she met Dinah, she thought that Dinah was 20 years old.
  • When she met Camila, she thought Camila was cute.
  • She loves Chicken Nuggets.
  • She loves to dance because she feels like it is the way that she can express herself and feel like everything's going to be alright.
  • Her first impression of Ally was: Aw she's so cute and miniature.
  • She likes Cher Lloyd.
  • She likes Bagels.
  • Her favorite show is Pretty Little Liars.
  • She loves Titanic.
  • If she could goto dinner with any famous person she would like it to be Beyoncé.
  • If anyone could play normani in a movie or TV show or anything else it would Beyoncé.
  • She loves all the types of dances, but her favorite is Contemporany.
  • She has been homeschooled since sixth grade.
  • She likes Pizza over Tacos.
  • Her beauty secret is drink lots of water and take vitamins.
  • The color of her Bathrobe is pink
  • If she could be any food, it would be Fried Pickles.
  • Her first impression of Lauren was: OMG Megan Fox.
  • She thinks Lauren's eyes are gorgeous.
  • She is the only child of her parents.
  • She would like to collaborate with Beyoncé just because she is the "bomb diggity".
  • She has a lot of beauty products.
  • She's the cleanest in the group.
  • She has two turtles, one of them is called "BB" and the other one "BJ".
  • She has two dogs.
  • Normani has modeled for "Target"
  • Her favorite restaurant is called "Popeye's"
  • Her height is 5'3
  • Her weight is 114lbs
  • Her shoe size is 8
  • She's Mezzosoprano
  • She knows how to whistle.
  • She had a cone-shaped head when she came out of the womb.[1]
  • She can break dance.
  • She has a belly-button piercing.
  • She has her ears pierced


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