This is a list of the past names used and suggested before Ally, Camila, Dinah, Lauren and Normani picked up the actual name: Fifth Harmony.

Used NamesEdit

Girl GroupEdit

When Fifth Harmony first formed, they were called Girl Group, because they didn't have a name and they had just formed.


Main Article: LYLAS

LYLAS is the original name of Fifth Harmony. It was changed due to another group consisting of Bruno Mars' sisters having the name and saying that the show stole their name. After this it was changed to 1432.


Main Article: 1432

1432 was the second name of Fifth Harmony. It was changed because it wasn't very likeable.

Suggested NamesEdit


Senergy is a band name that Lauren Jauregui originally suggested for Fifth Harmony. The girls decided not to use it because it sounded "lame."


Mirage is a fan base suggested name for Fifth Harmony. The girls didn't really like it.

Girl CodeEdit


Ladies Of ChoiceEdit

Ladies FirstEdit

Pink FusionEdit

Pink ToeEdit


Tree GrowersEdit

Tree Growers was suggested by Ally as a joke.

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