Reality TV is a poll by PopDust that Fifth Harmony participated in and were the runner-up.


Round 1

Fifth Harmony was up against ABBA. They beat ABBA, but Olly Murs and One Direction had more total votes then them.

3rd Place: Fifth Harmony (288,016)

Round 2

In this round, Fifth Harmony versed Kelly Clarkson. They won the whole round. In fact, they were the only artist to reach over a million votes.

1st Place: Fifth Harmony (1,084,875)

Round 3

Fifth Harmony went against Olly Murs this time. They had over six times the amount of votes as Olly Murs, their rival. They came in third place this time, as they were beat by David Cook and Adam Lambert,

3rd Place: Fifth Harmony (503,130)

Round 4

Fifth Harmony made it to the Semi-Finals. They beat Carrie Underwood.

1st Place: Fifth Harmony (1,431,261)

Round 5

This is the finals round, in which 5H verses Adam Lambert. Fifth Harmony lost. 

2nd Place: Fifth Harmony (2,071,000+)

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