Song of the Summer 2013 is a poll by PopDust that Fifth Harmony is currently participating in


Round 1
Fifth Harmony was up against Kanye West with his song, "I am a God". Fifth Harmony beat him, them having 65% of the votes and he had 35%.

7th Place: Fifth Harmony (21,457 votes)

Round 2
Fifth Harmony had to compete against Clara with her song, "Body Party". Fifth Harmony won the round and advanced to the next round.

1st Place: Fifth Harmony (130,651 votes)

Round 3
Fifth Harmony versed Big Time Rush with their song, "24/7".

1st Place: Fifth Harmony (328,603 votes)

Round 4
Fifth Harmony made it to the finals where they are currently facing off with Miley Cyrus and her single, "We Can't Stop".

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