Talk To Me
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Song by Fifth Harmony
Released Unknown
From The Album
Recorded 2013
Written By Unknown
Production By Unknown
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Talk To Me is a song by Fifth Harmony that was recorded for their EP Better Together. In December 2016, a snippet of the song leaked online.


It’s so perfect when you let me see
You deserve an end, this couldn’t all meant to be
If you let me know, then I’m always gonna know
Alive alive alive

Fifth Harmony:
I will never be yours if you’re gonna keep trying
Telling everyone you’re too scared to talk to me
I will never be yours, can’t have what you never had before
Telling everyone
So come on and talk to me
Uuh uh, uuh uh, come one
So come on and talk to me
Uuh uh, uuh uh, come one
So come on and talk to me

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