These Arms Of Mine
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Song by Fifth Harmony
Released October 1962
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"These Arms of Mine" is a song written by soul musician Otis Redding. It was performed on The X Factor by Fifth Harmony's Lauren Jauregui and the country group, Sister C in Boot Camp. Although Britney Spears said this group was annoying they made it through the next round, the Judges Houses. While Lauren was eliminated and then the judges decided to put her in a girl group.


Sister C:
These arms of mine

They are burning,
burning from wanting you.

Judges CommentsEdit

Britney Spears: "I think Sister C's annoying." Demi Lovato: "Really not likeable".


  • This is the only collaboration between Lauren Jauregui and Sister C.
  • After this performance, Sister C advanced to bootcamp, but Lauren was eliminated, and then placed on Fifth Harmony.

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